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            Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau launched "QQ Tax Officer"


            [Apr. 2004 from Shenzhen]

            Authorized by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd the 2nd Inspection Branch of Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau launched "QQ Tax Officer" to publicize tax laws during the Tax Month of this year. In the meantime Tencent also took part in a series of activities and made follow-up reports on its website.

            In order to be more close to citizens the tax administration introduced "QQ Tax Officer" to humanize the tax law. Designed by Tencent the "QQ Tax Officer" with uniform looked powerful but lovely making the Tax Month of this year more attractive. For the convenience of taxpayers "QQ Tax Officer" made itself available at 113 banks with brochures and leaflets for tax players . This way attracted taxpayers to learn more about taxpaying and got broad welcome from both banks and taxpayers. An official of Minsheng Bank said "The launch of QQ Tax Officer shortens the distance between the tax administration and enterprises as well as personalizes the traditional tax publicity". During the Tax Month Tencent's website QQ.com also introduced nationwide "Tax Law Q&A Campaign" and made a distinct link to the website of Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau. The Campaign was very popular among cyber users and sharply increased the page view of Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau.

            The Vigorous and lively image of QQ's penguin logo has found its way deep into the heart of people and the choice of Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau this time further showed the recognition of QQ's social vale.